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RIA Certified Restorer - Restoration Professional


The Certified Restorer Body of Knowledge The Body of Knowledge was generated, according to guiding principles of cognitive learning theory in an instructional design framework. The CR BoK document has undergone extensive revisions in addition to an unbiased peer review with an extensive open industry peer review process and comment period. The RIA Certified Restorer Body of Knowledge is a trailblazing document for the restoration industry. Available free to the industry from RIA, this document is intended to provide an update on the changing and expanding restoration industry. It is organized to cover primary knowledge sections that follow core competencies and levels of understanding. Also conveyed are how elements of the restoration profession are interrelated, enabling the Certified Restorer to succeed. The restoration profession has grown rapidly over the past four decades – with more and more public and private organizations requiring the services of qualified restoration contractors and specifically, the training and expertise of Certified Restorers. Solid knowledge of professional restoration procedures, combined with a growing understanding of the science associated with restoration methods, have moved the profession to a higher profile with the public and private sector, insurance companies, government agencies, and humanitarian groups. The 21st Century Certified Restorer requires an updated comprehensive education, based on a realistic analysis of the expanding restoration industry, and the competencies needed to keep pace with changes is the dynamics of business, finance, operations, and technical procedures.  Uniformity in an expanding body of knowledge and the development of corresponding educational programs had to be created to graduate Certified Restorers who are educated in a wide range of knowledge domains and practices.


The Certified Restorer (CR) designation is a prestigious certification offered by the Restoration Industry Association (RIA). Achieving the CR designation signifies that a restoration professional has met rigorous educational and experiential requirements, demonstrating a high level of expertise in the restoration industry. Here are some key aspects that set a Certified Restorer apart from other restorers:



Comprehensive Training: CR candidates undergo extensive training covering a wide range of restoration topics, including structural restoration, fire and smoke restoration, water damage restoration, microbial remediation, and more. This comprehensive training ensures that CRs have a well-rounded understanding of the restoration industry. Experience Requirement: To become a Certified Restorer, individuals must have a minimum level of experience in the restoration field. This ensures that CRs have practical, hands-on experience in dealing with various restoration challenges. Adherence to Industry Standards: Certified Restorers are well-versed in industry best practices and standards. They are committed to following ethical guidelines and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the restoration field. Demonstrated Expertise: The CR designation is a mark of excellence, indicating that the professional has demonstrated a high level of knowledge and skill through a combination of education, experience, and successful completion of the certification process. Commitment to Continuing Education: Certified Restorers are required to engage in ongoing professional development to maintain their certification. This commitment to continuing education ensures that CRs stay current with industry trends, new technologies, and evolving best practices. Problem-Solving Skills: CRs are equipped with the knowledge and skills to assess complex restoration challenges and develop effective solutions. Their training emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving in diverse restoration scenarios. Recognition and Credibility: The CR designation is widely recognized and respected in the restoration industry. Clients, insurers, and industry professionals often view CR certification as a mark of credibility and competence. In summary, the Certified Restorer designation sets professionals apart by indicating a high level of education, experience, and commitment to excellence in the restoration industry. It serves as a valuable credential for those seeking the services of a knowledgeable and skilled restoration expert.

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